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Next demo escalates – Serious corona riots in Brussels

Now there is a bang in the heart of Europe!

Around 35,000 people marched through downtown Brussels on Sunday to demonstrate against the tightened Corona measures. Including: at least 1,000 violent criminals.

The rioters set off smoke bombs, throw large stones, bottles and firecrackers at police officers. With twins they fire marbles at the emergency services!

The officers respond with massive use of water cannons and fire tear gas grenades into the crowd. Thick tear gas mist lies in the streets.

The planned route of the demonstration should lead to the Europaviertel. The police blocked several streets with barbed wire.

The participants criticize, for example, that in many places a vaccination certificate is now mandatory and that vaccination pressure is built up.

The image of the crowd is diffuse: According to the AP news agency, both right-wing extremist symbols and rainbow flags were visible.

In the past few days there have been riots at corona demonstrations in many European metropolises.

The Dutch police took in riots The hague and other Dutch cities arrested more than 30 people on Saturday after much worse rioting the night before.

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