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Next 5 million doses of Sputkin vaccine arrive in January

“This, apart from what the laboratory will deliver Astra-Zeneca between April and March, and the agreement Covax of 9 million more doses “, added the minister in dialogue with radio Miter.

Regarding the dispatch operation in the coming days, Rossi stressed that “the transfer to the provinces is in charge of a private company by means of trucks with enough refrigeration to maintain the cold chain required by the laboratories.”

At that point, he remarked that “the Armed Forces will participate in different ways in different provinces: in some, which regiments are already designated which are going to be large vaccination centers, as in Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia and Rio Grande), in San Juan and in La Rioja “.

Along these lines, he stressed that “in other provinces members of the armed forces will integrate the teams of vaccinators (military doctors or nurses), and also with support and logistics personnel.”

Likewise, Rossi confirmed that “it is negotiating with the laboratory Pfizer and we aspire to reach an agreement to also have that vaccine in Argentina, among those already agreed by the Government “.


“We made an agreement from the Central Military Hospital with Pfizer to carry out Phase 3 tests of its vaccine, to which the president gave the green light. Alberto Fernandez, who received them in Olivos, and it was done in an excellent way. We were one of the 5 countries where this was done, “he recalled.

Meanwhile, as revealed by the Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, the national State plans to acquire 60 million doses to apply in the first semester of 2021. “Never in history has there been such a massive and extensive vaccination. For years we apply some 40 million of all vaccines, and in the first semester they will be 60 million, and that is a huge logistical, operational and vaccination challenge of an unknown magnitude, “said Ginés.

During a press conference given with the President at Casa Rosada, Alberto Fernández and the minister announced the signing of the contract with the Sovereign Fund of the Russian Federation for the provision of just over 20 million Sputnik V vaccines to be applied in January and February , which reaches 10 million people. The agreement also includes a preference option to acquire another 10 million lot by March, usable for 5 million more people. “We did this prevention in case the rest of the vaccines with which we also have contracts delay their arrival in the country,” clarified Fernández.

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