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New Zealand will raise its minimum wage and raise taxes on the richest

This Thursday, two new measures will come into force in New Zealand, a country that has stood out for its effective measures against Covid-19, despite having recently registered two thousand active cases. Now, the government of Jacinda Ardern promoted the increase in the minimum wage, along with raising taxes on the richest.

The objective of the president is fight inequality and, incidentally, motivate the reactivation of the economy, in the context of the global crisis that the coronavirus has generated in this area.

In the oceanic nation, the minimum wage is measured per hour worked and will rise from NZD 18.90 to NZD 20. That is, in Chilean pesos, from $ 9,500 to $ 10 thousand. This will benefit at least 175 thousand people.

On the other hand, the tax on the richest will increase to 39% and it will run for people who earn more than 180 thousand NZD, equivalent to $ 90 million pesos. Before, the cap was 33%.

In summary, according to official estimates, will provide more than $ 276 billion Chileans to the coffers of the New Zealand treasury, facing this 2021. In three more years, the nation will have $ 319 million in Chile.

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