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New Yorker: Woman finds “secret” apartment behind her bathroom mirror

Once again, a TikTok video of the New York housing market has gone viral. Samantha Hartsoe posted a four-part video on the social network in which she wondered about a mysterious draft in her bathroom. She discovered a hole behind her bathroom mirror that led to a “secret” apartment.

“I have to go in and find out what’s on the other side of my bathroom,” Hartsoe said. The video also shows friends of Hartsoe’s making comparisons with films like “Parasite,” in which a family lives in a hidden room in a house.

Armed with a hammer, mask, and headband flashlight, Hartsoe climbed through the hole. On the other hand, however, all she found was trash and junk. Hartsoe ended the short video series by announcing that she would cement her mirror on the wall and call her landlord. One user commented: “As a New Yorker, my first thought was: wow, extra storage space.”

The competitive housing market in New York seems to have plenty of room for surprises. The last time a user uploaded a video series of “New York’s worst apartment”. Inside was a chamber that seemed to contain only a sink and a small refrigerator. A communal shower and toilet were available in the hallway, they said. Still, the West Village apartment was advertised for $ 1,650 a month.

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