New York Governor Andrew Cuomo alleges new charges

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has again been harassed. He made advances to an ex-employee. The politician rejects the allegations.

A second woman has accused the influential New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo of assaults. An ex-employee told the New York Times on Saturday that Cuomo had molested her for the past year. Among other things, the 63-year-old told her he was open to relationships with young women and asked her how she saw the age difference, the 25-year-old told the newspaper.

Cuomo did not touch her, “but I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me and felt terribly uncomfortable and appalled,” said the ex-health advisor. After speaking with the head of cabinet and a legal advisor to the governor about the incident, she was transferred to another post in another building. Since she liked the job, she stopped talking about the incident.

Cuomo denied the allegations. He never made advances to the woman and never intended to “act in any inappropriate way”. The governor called for a thorough investigation into the allegations by an ex-federal judge.

Cuomo is under pressure

It is the second allegation against Cuomo within a week. On Wednesday, another ex-employee accused the governor of kissing her on the mouth against her will and suggesting a game of strip poker. He also touched her buttocks, arms and legs several times.

Cuomo had recently come under pressure because of his handling of the corona pandemic. The governor is accused of downplaying or covering up the death toll in old people’s homes. In the meantime, the judiciary is also investigating.

At the height of the Corona crisis in New York last spring, Cuomo was still celebrated as a shining light. The 63-year-old resolutely opposed the pandemic, which hit the metropolis particularly hard, and informed the public in unvarnished words about the extent of the crisis and the need for strict measures. He became an opponent of then President Donald Trump, who for a long time belittled the danger posed by the corona virus.

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