New US President: Biden plans memorial ceremony for corona deaths

The future US President Joe Biden is planning a memorial for the corona dead in the USA shortly before his swearing in. The committee responsible for the swearing-in announced: A lighting ceremony will take place the evening before Biden’s inauguration in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial. Church bells will then also ring in the capital. Biden will be sworn in on January 20th.

Other cities in the US are invited to follow suit at the same time. It was about “a national moment of unity and remembrance,” said the committee. “In the midst of the pandemic, with so many Americans mourning the loss of family, friends and neighbors, it’s important to honor those who have died,” said a committee spokesman.

More than 340,000 corona deaths

The corona pandemic is out of control in the United States. Of the approximately 330 million inhabitants, almost 20 million have so far been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. More than 342,000 people have died. That is more than in any other country in the world.

For the second straight day, the United States peaked in the number of people recorded in one day who died from or with the coronavirus. On Wednesday, the authorities reported 3,744 dead with a confirmed corona infection – twelve more than the previous day, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore.

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