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New offers Movistar Fusion with free smartphone

The operator chaired by Emilio Gayo in Spain will revolutionize the convergent market in the coming weeks by including a smartphone in all offers. As of April 11, new customers will be able to contract a Fusion package and will have the possibility to choose a smartphone at no cost or they will also have a catalog to choose a higher-end terminal on demand for a monthly fee that will vary between 2 euros and 24 euros for 36 months. Next, we detail all the new Fusion packages and the different prices to acquire the smartphones.

New offers from Movistar Fusion

  • Total Plus Fusion which includes all sports (football, DAZN…), entertainment, cinema, Disney + and Fiber up to 1Gb in addition to 2 unlimited mobile lines will be priced at 175 euros per month.
  • Total Fusion which includes all football, Fiction and Disney + and Fiber up to 1Gb in addition to 2 unlimited mobile lines will have a price of 150 euros per month.

In both offers, customers will have three smartphone models to choose from at no cost: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G, OPPO A53s O Samsung Galaxy A12. Additionally, they can choose another higher-end smartphone by paying an extra fee. Thus, for example, you can opt for 5 euros per month for 36 months for an OPPO RENO 4z 5G or a Xiaomi M 11 Lite. For 13 euros per month you can buy a Xiaomi MI 10T 5G or a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Finally, for 24 euros a month you can get the two most powerful smartphones on the market, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G or an iPhone 12.

In all cases, the additional monthly fee for 36 months is cheaper than buying the free terminal and is that the operator has opted for a renting model with the main mobile phone manufacturers to promote the renewal of the terminals with the aim of enjoy the maximum speed of the 5G network that is already available in 75% of the population. After 36 months, clients would obviously stop paying that additional fee in their Merger fee.

  • Fusion Selection Plus: Incorporates 1 unlimited mobile line in addition to fiber up to 1 Gb and the customer can choose two television packages. Football that will have a price of 120 euros per month or Fiction with Movistar Premieres, Cinema, Disney + and Netflix for a price of 115 euros per month.
  • Fusion Selection: As in the previous package but the football client can choose between LaLiga or Champions for a price of 105 euros per month or Fiction without Netflix for 105 euros per month.

In both packages you can choose the OPPO A53s or the Samsung Galaxy A12 at no cost. In this case, the Xiaomi terminal with 5G disappears.

porfolio fusion con smartphone

Finally, we analyze the three cheapest packages that also include terminals in the offer. They would be the following offers:

  • Fusion 0: Includes basic television with the original Movistar series, 1 mobile line with 15GB of data and 200 minutes and a line with 5GB and calls at 0 cents, as well as fiber up to 1 Gb for 65 euros per month. In the case of being ADSL, the price drops to 58 euros.
  • Fusion Starts: Includes television with access to 80 channels, 1 mobile line with 40 GB and unlimited calls as well as an additional one with 5GB and calls at 0 cents for a price of 74 euros. In this case the broadband line is 300 Mb.
  • Fusion Starts infinity: same as the previous offer, but includes fiber with 1 Gb and the price amounts to 81 euros.

In the three offers, the smartphone to choose at no cost is the OPPO A15 or Xiaomi Redmi 9. You can also choose a higher-end terminal a la carte, for example for 2 euros a month you can choose a Samsung Galaxy A12 or an OPPO A53s. In the case of paying an additional 5 euros per month we have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G, OPPO Reno 4Z or the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. Finally, for 24 euros a month you can also buy the iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Current Fusion Clients

All subscribers of the operator will be able to choose at any time one of the new packages and thus benefit from the smartphones that are included. The change from the current offer is an additional 3 euros per month. In any case, the price of any of the smartphones included at no cost is higher than the extra 108 euros that customers will pay for 36 months. If they go to a higher rate, they will have the price of the previous one in promotion for 3 months. In addition, those who are not interested in moving to the new Fusion will not see any of their current conditions modified.

Questions about the new Merger offers

Are they available for freelancers? That’s right, Zero Professional Fusion will have in the catalog all the terminals of the offers for the residential market.

Is there permanence in the service? All Fusion offers will follow without permanence, but customers who leave the service before 36 months will have a penalty based on the value of the smartphone.

Can I keep my current rate? Yes, current customers who are not interested in moving to the new Fusion will not see any of the conditions modified.

Will there be more terminals available later? That’s right, the catalog of smartphones will expand.

Welcome offer

As a launch promotion, new customers will pay 50% less than the price of the full package for 3 months. Thus, for example, Fusión Total Plus will have a price of 75 euros per month for the first three months while the cheapest package (Fusión Cero) will have a price of 32.5 euros.

In short, a very interesting new strategy by Telefónica that will bring 5G closer to all its customers and that will also revitalize the smartphone market that in recent years had lost prominence since the subsidies disappeared in all operators. In this case, Telefónica opts for a model based on renting in which both the manufacturer and the operator make an effort so that the customer can opt for a new terminal at a reasonable price that is also paid monthly.

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