New mobility Michoacán; shops will close on Sundays due to COVID

The actions of the new mobility will be applied during the month of January. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from continuing to increase and the hospitals of Michoacán are saturated, “Michoacans must adopt a new mobility“Said the governor of the entity, Silvano Aureoles.

  • The measure contemplates the closure of commercial establishments from 7:00 p.m., Thursday to Saturday, non-essential activities and Sundays total closure throughout the Michoacan territory.

“The year that begins is not promising, it will be one of severe limitations because the greatest challenge we have as governments, state and municipal, is that we accept that within the New Coexistence we must adopt a new mobility”

Silvanos Aureoles, Governor of Michoacán

The state president pointed out that if mobility does not decrease and infections do not stop, Michoacán could turn red on the federation’s epidemiological traffic light.

What should you know about the new mobility in Michoacán?

In the same way, he announced that in Morelia, Zamora, The piety and Sahuayo the number of sick has increased, while people continue to go out and crowd.

He further stated that there are another 22 municipalities where risk levels are high and it is necessary that all sectors of society respect and comply with health measures to break the chain of infections.

Given this situation, during the month of January, andThe new mobility component involves the following points:

  1. All municipal health safety committees will have to meet to establish the partial closure of activities in high-risk municipalities. “The partial closure implies that non-essential activity establishments will be closed early for three weeks, from Thursday to Saturday, while Sunday will be total closure and people will be asked to stay home“Said the governor.
  2. The Guardians of Health They will do more vigilance to ensure that business is complying with sanitary filter, with antibacterial gel and temperature measurement. Entry and exit route. Signage of healthy distance. Allowed capacity.
  3. Surveillance plan, which involves a fortnightly risk assessment, municipality by municipality, within the municipal committees.
  4. Forcefully enforce the measures indicated by the health authority.
  5. Strengthen surveillance measures for public transport.
  6. Mass events are still prohibited, such as parties, jaripeos, dances, cockfights and any other situation that makes people gather.

For its part, Diana Carpio Rios, Secretary of Health of Michoacán, reiterated the call to the population to reduce mobility and abide by the measures.

“We have evidence that the measures work and we must all carry them out together. To advance in this New Coexistence we must adopt a new mobility, because the vaccine is not a short-term solution and we do not want to close the economy, we do not want saturated hospitals and that people die ”.

Diana Carpio Ríos, Secretary of Health of Michoacán

How will the closure of shops in the new mobility?

Regarding the closure of businesses in the entity, the official reported that It is contemplated from 7:00 p.m., from Thursday to Saturday, non-essential activities and the Sundays total closure throughout the Michoacan territory.

“Some aspects of the new mobility are going to remain and respect for sanitary measures is something that we should not give up; and we cannot get fed up because the disease depends on social behavior ”.

Diana Carpio Ríos, Secretary of Health of Michoacán

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