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New Maddie book – fired chief investigator etches against BKA

Praia da Luz (Portugal) – The fired chief investigator won’t rest!

After Maddie McCann (then 3) disappeared from an apartment in the Algarve in May 2007, chief investigator Goncalo Amaral (62) led the investigation for four months. He suspected Maddie’s parents, was removed from his post and given early retirement.

A new book will be published in Portugal next week in which Amaral deals with the latest investigations against the suspect Christian Brückner (44).

The BKA and the Braunschweig public prosecutor hold the German child molester, who is currently in custody in Oldenburg for a rape, to be the man who kidnapped and killed Maddie.

Amaral, who apparently still has good contacts with the Portuguese police, goes to court with the German investigators, according to BILD information.

They had appropriated the Maddie case with an “artifice” by constructing a German suspect and thus creating German jurisdiction. Amaral calls this procedure “almost fraudulent”: The Germans had launched their own criminal proceedings in order to be able to put aside the investigations that have been going on in Portugal for 14 years.

Why the BKA and the Braunschweig Public Prosecutor’s Office, which so far had nothing to do with the Maddie case, should have done this – Amaral owes this answer.

The ex-investigator, who had already raised similar allegations in the BILD documentary “My largest case”, goes even further: He spreads details from the lives of three witnesses in the Maddie case, wants to present them as implausible.

All investigations against Brückner are part of a large conspiracy, instigated by Scotland Yard, which are under pressure to succeed. The conclusions of the Portuguese investigators – that Maddie’s parents were to blame for their daughter’s disappearance – were ignored and a kind of “syndicate” was formed instead, which submitted to the British authorities.

Hans Christian Wolters, spokesman for the Braunschweig public prosecutor’s office, on the allegations: “We are not interested in the views and assessments of a former Portuguese police officer because we assume that he does not have our investigation results and files. It is therefore completely irrelevant to us what Mr Amaral thinks, says and writes. “

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