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New corona mutation: do children get infected more often? – Experts comment

A new corona mutation is spreading in the UK. Scientists have researched whether children are more often infected with this virus variant.

  • In Great Britain is a mutated form of the Coronavirus been discovered.
  • According to British researchers, the new Corona * variant could increase children infect.
  • Also Christian Drosten and Karl Lauterbach express themselves on Twitter to the new one Sars-CoV-2-Mutation.

London – just before, of all places Christmaswhile large parts Europe try by all means that Corona-Pandemie contain, comes from Great Britain the news of the recent mutation of the Coronavirus. Now British researchers announce that the new Covid-19-Mutation B.1.1.7 For children could possibly be particularly contagious.

At a press conference last Monday (December 21, 2020) Neil Ferguson stated: “There is one reference pointthat it has a higher inclination, children to infect “. Ferguson is a member of the “New and Emerging Respirator VIrus Threats Advisory Group”, which the UK government supports on the Corona-Pandemic advises.

According to British researchers, the corona mutation has a “higher tendency” to infect children

According to his colleague Wendy Barclay, some mutations affect the way that Coronavirus enters a cell. So it could be that “children may be just as susceptible to this Virus like adults ”.

Therefore, Barclay suspects that “more children could become infected”. Which Age groups could be particularly affected, was not explained.

Up to 70 percent more contagious? It is unclear whether more children have been infected with Corona so far

A lot is about the new mutation of Sars-CoV-2 currently not known. According to initial research, the new CoronaVariant, however, by up to 70 percent more contagious than the previous virus.

Many countries therefore quickly took appropriate measures to address the mutated Coronavirus curb, such as a entry ban from the UK. Despite entry bans, the Covid-19-Mutation already in Australia, the Netherlands and Denmark proven.

Drosten suspects new corona mutation already in Germany

Christian Drosten, Virologist and director of Berlin Charité, believes the virus is now in Germany is located. On Twitter Drosten expresses himself extremely concerned, although the publicly known documents are currently still considered incomplete: “Unfortunately, that does not look good,” wrote the virologist on the short message service in relation to one study the UK Health Authority.

Is the new corona mutation particularly dangerous for children? (Symbol photo)

© Gao Jing/dpa

To suspect that children especially often with the new one Corona– Infect the variant, the doctor says nothing. In the meantime, however, Drosten referred to his earlier tweet and stated that he “Speculation to put an end ”. The Virology emphasizes that his statement refers solely to the “clearer evidence of the increased spread of the mutant”.

Will more children be infected? – Lauterbach (SPD) does not want to end the corona lockdown too early

The previously from Christian Drosten cited data suggest that the new Coronavirus-Mutation may be alone or in combination with others Mutations could probably be more contagious.

Karl Lauterbach, Health expert of the SPD, is concerned about recent developments. On Twitter the politician wrote that it will depend on “the Lockdown not to finish too early ”. Otherwise the new one could CoronaVariant will still become a very big problem. (Nail Akkoyun) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Gao Jing/dpa

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