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New card for points, all changes that will take effect in 2021

New card for points, all changes that will take effect in 2021

The card for points It was implemented on July 1, 2006 and, after 15 years of life, it is going to receive important changes ranging from mere formalities to significant changes, such as the number of points subtracted for certain behaviors and infractions. We tell you all the changes going into effect in 2021.

But first of all it should be noted that this comes from months ago. On November 10, the Council of Ministers approved a package of measures with a draft to modify the Traffic and Road Safety Law. For its full approval, it must go through various procedures, so there is still no specific date for its implementation.

The main objective of these modifications is to aggravate the penalties for those behaviors behind the wheel that generate the most danger, but also the fact of implementing safe driving courses as a way to improve driver training.

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Six points for using the mobile

The mobile use at the wheel is one of the most important causes of distraction, that is why it is the point that is most aggravated by the new regulations: the sanction goes from being from three points to six. In addition, it is not necessary to be calling, writing, etc .: just by carrying it in your hand (even if it is switched off) the sanction can be applied. Of course, they will continue to pay 200 euros.

Four points for the seat belt

Although in the middle of 2021 putting on a seat belt should be something almost automatic, the infractions for not wearing it are very numerous. That is why the “payment” of points for not wearing it is going to increase. three to four points. This also applies to those minors who are not using a Restraint System (SRI) according to their age or weight. The economic amount to be paid does not vary: 200 euros.

Four points for not wearing a helmet

Another practice that is hard to believe is currently in force, but is also common. That is why motorcyclists who circulate without a helmet will lose four points of the license (instead of three). The financial fine remains the same: 200 euros.

Three points for wearing radar detectors

The use of radar jammers has always been prohibited, but in order to punish a driver, it was necessary to show that he had used the device. The new regulation changes to be more severe and is that now sThe simple act of carrying an inhibitor or a radar detector mounted on the vehicle is punishable. Of course, the formulation of the rule varies, but not the loss of points that it entails, which are still three.

Two years to recover the points

If card points have been lost, but as long as the balance has not been left at zero, the time necessary to recover the initial points is unified: two years without being sanctioned for a new offense. To date, the time varied depending on the seriousness of the offense that was committed.

Digital card. What can be done with it?

Courses to increase your points balance

The driving courses may be used, provided that the established requirements are met, both to recover lost card points and to extend them. Of course, the maximum that can be collected is 15 points and, in addition, only one course can be taken every two years.

Cheating on the exam will be a very serious offense

Using communication devices during exams, whether to obtain the card or to recover it, is now considered a very serious offense. It will imply the prohibition to appear again to the test in a period of six months and a fine of 500 euros.

More control for professional drivers

It will be made available to transport companies (whether for people or goods) of a telematic driver registration system With which they can easily check if an individual has the relevant license for a specific vehicle or if they continue to have a positive balance of points.

Mario Herráez April 10, 2021 – 5:23 p.m.

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