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New accessories on Yina Calderón’s teeth caused controversy

Yina Calderón is one of the most talked about figures in the country. New accessories on Yina Calderón’s teeth caused controversy

Her constant controversies have made her recognized on social networks.

Although it has quite a following, it also has many detractors who do not miss an opportunity to criticize its content.

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It constantly becomes a trend due to its scandals, parties and surgeries.

Now, he published through his stories, a video that has caused controversy.

And is that There he boasts his teeth, however, what is striking is that it has several metallic elements.

Although at first they look like braces, they are larger and some have classified them as accessories.

New accessories on Yina Calderón’s teeth caused controversy

So far, the influencer had not responded to criticism on her social networks.

However, what was put on his teeth has already come to light.

And is that He is part of the character that he will play in his new music video.

This was confirmed through Instagram with a photograph in which he boasts.

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The comments have not been long in coming and now many are eager to see his new video.

While others are already criticizing the idea, the makeup and the theme.

Let’s remember that …

Yina has given a lot to talk about due to her glutes.

In fact, on his Instagram account someone questioned whether after his recovery he will return to prosthetics.

Given this, the influencer had no problem answering that she won’t.

He affirmed that he will leave his tail still and that no further interventions will be made there.

However, he recently revealed that he will have major surgery on his face.

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