Sometimes we stay with someone for fear of loneliness; We prefer to settle for what we already know even when we know that it is not doing us well. But think about it: When was the last time you felt really calm being around a certain person?

All at some point we have sacrificed our peace of mind to feel part of something but today more than ever it is time to understand that we don’t have to be chasing someone who doesn’t want to stay.

One of the most uncomfortable moments in life is realizing that someone does not correspond to you as you want but sometimes, we are so fearful of what is outside of it that we cling more and more.

As time goes by, being where they are not willing to love us as we deserve becomes exhausting and painful.

Life is complicated enough to complicate us more, especially with someone who does not want to stay. No matter how hard you try, you cannot force anyone to do something that is not intended for them. And it’s not that there’s something wrong with you, it’s just something that is “not meant to be.”

Never sacrifice your peace of mind to chase someone who does not want to stay.

Letting go is not easy, but it is a process The one we all have to go through when a relationship isn’t working. Taking that step outside is brave but it is necessary for you Peace of mind.

No matter how much we love or are loved, we cannot hold anyone. We can not force them to be as we want or to stay forever.

Don’t hold on for comfort, or out of fear of the unknown. Stop chasing and begging and learn to let go of what doesn’t do you good.

When you prioritize your peace of mind You understand that you deserve more than what a half love offers you. So it’s time to let go of everything that causes you discomfort, what makes you doubt how great you are and that does not allow you to show your capabilities.

Don’t settle for being “almost happy.” It is not worth sacrificing your time on something that does not satisfy you.

Staying with what does not make you happy is losing the opportunity to explore new horizons that allow you to grow.

When you have to constantly chase or ask if they love you then you are sacrificing that peace of mind that you could have outside of that relationship.

There is a fine line between fight to get better and let go to regain your happinessAlthough it is very easy to get confused with forcing someone to stay.

If it’s real, you won’t have to force it. You won’t wake up every day feeling like you have to make an immense effort or sacrifice to make that person stay a little longer.

Learn to be happy with yourself and you will find the love you are looking for so much.

The reality for you to find the love you are looking for so much, you must first be good with yourself. There is nothing more powerful than loving yourself because that opens more doors than you might imagine, even others that go beyond finding a partner.

It is not selfish to think about doing what makes you happy. It is not selfish to say “no” when you feel like something. It is not selfish to get away a little or want a space alone to breathe from what is weighing you down.

Although it can be uncomfortable, you will soon discover how great life can be when you make yourself a priority.

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