Netherlands: explosive device detonated in front of a Polish supermarket

Witnesses heard a loud bang around 2 a.m.: In Tilberg, the Netherlands, an explosive device exploded in front of a supermarket with Polish goods on Monday night. The business in the south of the country was badly damaged, but people were not injured, the police said on Twitter.

Witnesses had alerted the police and fire brigade. According to the investigators, window panes were broken in a neighboring house.

It is the fourth attack on a Polish supermarket since December. Three of the stores affected have the same owner, a Kurd from Iraq.

In early December, explosive devices exploded in quick succession in front of Polish supermarkets in various parts of the country. All three stores had the same name, but only two were in a chain. The supermarket that has now been hit also has the same owner, but has a different name.

The owner told a regional radio station that he could not explain the attacks. “I have no enemies,” said Mohamad Mahmoed in an interview with Omroep Brabant.

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