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Netflix: The Best Critical Drama Movies You Can’t Miss

Netflix has a wide catalog of productions that we can delight ourselves with, but we don’t always know what to choose from among so many options.

To make the path easier, it is possible to be guided by the films best evaluated by the experts.

We show you a series of Netflix productions that have the best reviews and that are perfect for making a marathon of good cinema at home.

The best-reviewed Netflix drama movies

Nocturnal animals and Netflix

This Netflix movie shows Susan Morrow who is a gallery owner living in Los Angeles. She enjoys a luxurious but very empty life with her second husband, Hutton. One day she receives a novel written by her ex-husband, of whom she has not known for years.

The ex asks the protagonist to read his novel and contact him. As Susan reads it, she realizes that it is about revenge, a story that forces her to re-evaluate her past decisions.

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Towards wild routes

In the early 1990s, a young man named Christopher McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp and leaves the civilized world for Alaska. There he seeks to get in touch with nature and discover what the true meaning of life is.

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During the storm

Another Netflix film very well received by critics is this one that shows us a mysterious interference between two times that makes Vera rescue the life of a child who lived in her house two decades ago.

However, the consequences of her good deed are dramatic because she wakes up in a new reality in which her daughter was not even born.

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Discouraged since her ex-husband’s affair, Grace Waters begins a new romance. But when secrets emerge, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent. The woman without a record confesses to having killed her new husband, but her lawyer believes that the truth is hidden beyond the obvious.

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