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Nesquik rewards your children’s creativity with great prizes

NESQUIK® knows that growing up should be fun and that is why it has a promotion to reward your children’s creativity with great prizes such as custom consoles, gaming chairs, screens, video games and much more!

Participating is very easy, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. From April 1 to June 13, 2021 buy any participating NESQUIK® product
  2. Register the batch number in the Messenger chat @NesquikMX
  3. Win prizes instantly!

But that’s not all, we want you to have fun-filled afternoons with your children, so we have four activities prepared for you and your little one in which you can earn even a Gamer Station. You have 4 chances to win!

After you have registered your NESQUIK® products in the Messenger chat @NesquikMX you will be able to participate in the following challenges to win even a gaming station! Quicky will give you all the details when you sign up:

DIY Challenge

Sandwiches cannot be missed at game time, so we want to see their desserts or drinks that they prepare with NESQUIK® products to enjoy an afternoon of video games. Upload a photo with your child and their favorite drink or dessert made with NESQUIK® to NESQUIKMX Facebook and the more original and fun the photo is, the more chances you will have to win.

This challenge will be available from April 5 to 18, 2021 and you must upload your photo to NESQUIK® Facebook with the hashtag #NesquikDIYChallenge.

Music Challenge

We never know where the next great artist will come from, so we want you to explore their musical capabilities with your little ones by creating an original song inspired by “Transform their world by playing”. The song must contain the phrases “I transform my world by playing” and “NESQUIK®” at least once and participating NESQUIK® products must appear in the video.

The NESQUIK® jury will look for the five most original and creative songs, and if they promote good eating habits they will score more points. Your videos must be uploaded to NESQUIK® Facebook with the hashtag #NesquikMusicChallenge from April 19 to May 2, 2021.

Toy Challenge

We know that the toys you grew up with are nothing like the ones your child has today, so we want you to put together a toy using NESQUIK® products in any of its presentations with which you can share hours of fun creating stories and developing worlds.

Upload a photo to NESQUIK® Facebook with the hashtag #NesquikToyChallenge and remember that the more original, the more likely you are to surprise the jury. Do not forget to register in the Messenger chat @NesquikMX before!

This challenge is valid from May 3 to 23, 2021.

Play Challenge

It’s time to put your little ones’ physical skills to the test, so prepare a scenario at home with original obstacles or challenges using NESQUIK® products and record a 15-45 second video where you see your child overcome these challenges together with you.

This will be the last challenge and you will have from May 24 to June 13 to upload your video to NESQUIK® Facebook with the hashtag #NesquikPlayChallenge. Remember that you must register before in the Messenger chat of @NesquikMX!


The top five participants in each challenge, chosen by a special NESQUIK® jury, will take home great prizes ranging from codes to buy video games to a gaming station with a custom console and controller.

So, don’t miss out on participating in the NESQUIK® promo! You can win consoles, video games and even a gaming station. Sign up here! For more information about this promotion visit

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