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Neither mom jeans nor dad: the high rise straight will be the hit of spring

When it comes to jeans, and let’s say jeans After long months of confinement, the rules of the game seem to change radically. It is that your skinny jeans have suddenly lost all that great appeal that they once knew how to treasure, and like never before you begin to consider materialities that offer dissimilar benefits, or, instead, you explore new silhouettes that you did not think could have the power to catapult in your closet.

Thus, when delving into the cuts and shades that bring with them an inconceivable success for the summer months, we cannot fail to refer to the jeans that simply go well with everything and at any age. jeans bootcut, and not forgetting the jeans grunge aesthetic with some notable reminiscences of the seventies. But beyond the loose silhouette or the one that flags the flared cut, here are the jeans that you will not be able to take off all spring, and surely at the height of the summer season either.

How are Zara’s high rise straight jeans?

In itself, the exciting trends in jeans of the spring-summer 2021 presentations they had decided to wrap us with a comfort that at times reminds us of the idiosyncrasy of the seventies, but with modern airs that aim to embrace both timeless tones and those that undoubtedly help us achieve a balance in the styles made up of jeans, and, of course, they add the necessary ingredient that makes a look in an extremely formidable bet.

A priori, we know that wide boot jeans are the most comfortable, but without a doubt the cut high rise straight It is a worthy competitor for the best and most versatile outfits that we will wear in the months to come. Whether you have a predilection for non-absolute black, deep blue, faded light blue, gentle green, pink, or pristine white, the high-waisted jeans with a straight silhouette proposed by Zara They will make you distance yourself, momentarily, from mom jeans, and by the way also from dad jeans.

With the addition of five pockets, a distressed effect, hem with a casual finish and ripped details if desired, the high waisted jeans that we highlight here are extremely flattering, not only because of the exact measurement in which they are attached to the waist, but also because of the extension a few centimeters above the ankle, which contributes to stylize the physiognomy, and even more so if they are combined with a design of pointed or high-heeled shoes, be it vertiginous or restrained.

How to combine high rise straight jeans?

In case you want to assimilate the cut high rise straight jeans In your wardrobe, there is no doubt that it will blend perfectly with all those conjugations typical of the halftime months. Thus, during the spring you can take it to the office if you have it on the same canvas with a white shirt, poet’s blouse or minimalist shirt, matching boots and an elegant mid-season coat or a raincoat, as demonstrated by this prescriber of style on the tarmac at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

On the other hand, straight high waist jeans they will be compatible with timeless crop top, one shoulder or voluminous designs with added ruffles, and handmade sandals, as well as strappy sandals, mules with pointed design and tennis. With one caveat, as long as you make them part of your outfitsTry to distance yourself from sturdy style shoes or models with a bracelet and round toe.

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