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Neera Tanden: Joe Biden withdraws nomination of controversial candidate for budget office

US President Joe Biden has withdrawn the nomination of controversial candidate Neera Tanden for the post of head of household in the White House. In a statement, Biden said that he had complied with a request by Tandens.

A Democratic Senator and several moderate Republicans in the House of Representatives had previously announced that they would not approve of Tanden’s appointment. They criticized earlier statements by Tandens, who had expressed themselves very disparagingly about leading Republicans on Twitter, among other things.

Tanden, of Indian descent, used to work as an advisor to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and worked for the administration of then President Barack Obama.

The nomination of the 50-year-old had also caused resentment in the camp of the left Senator Bernie Sanders. In the past, Tanden had spoken out against proposals for statutory health insurance for everyone. Tanden currently heads the left-wing institute Center for American Progress.

The Budget Office (OMB) is a lesser-known authority, but it is very important for the running of government business. With the withdrawal of the candidacy, Biden was spared a foreseeable defeat in the Senate vote.

So far, candidates have been enforced with a bipartisan majority

So far, Biden has been able to push through his candidates for ministerial posts and government officials in the Senate with a non-partisan majority. US ministers and other key government officials cannot take office without the approval of the Senate.

The Democrats alone currently hold exactly 50 of the 100 seats in the Senate. Tanden would have had to rely on all votes from the Democratic camp for a vote in the Senate. At the end of February, the Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced that he would vote against Tanden in a vote.

Biden said he had “the greatest respect” for Tanden, for their experience and advice. He is looking forward to bringing her to the government’s service in a different role.

Tanden wrote to Biden in a letter circulated by the White House that she was honored to be nominated for the post. “Unfortunately, it now seems clear that there is no way to be confirmed (by the Senate),” wrote Tanden accordingly. She wanted to prevent sticking to the nomination from becoming a burden for the government.

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