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Navka in a plaid sweatshirt and leggings arrived with her daughter in Crimea and visited the palace

Tatiana Navka this year prefers to dilute her work with travel. She has already visited Irkutsk, Baikal and Altai. The athlete tries to take her daughters with her. Previously, Dmitry Peskov’s heiress Liza traveled with her, as well as the daughter of the figure skater Sasha Zhulina. Not so long ago, school holidays began, so on a new trip, the girl is accompanied by her six-year-old heiress Nadezhda.

The other day Navka arrived in Crimea. She immediately walked along the Yalta embankment. For such a case, the skater chose a casual look. She appeared in leggings and a plaid sweatshirt. For convenience, the champion chose boots with thick soles and a belt bag. But the athlete Nadezhda put on a snow-white suit and a sky-colored jacket. They saw a monument to Alexander III, and then visited the Livadia Palace.

The guide told how the royal family lived, in which office the Emperor Nicholas II worked. Navka saw a fireplace made of Crimean stone, old vases and a table at which the Grand Duke was sitting.

The fans were delighted that the girl arranged such a cultural and entertainment program for her daughter. Many noted that they are glad to see Navka in Crimea. Apparently, in the coming days she will see many more interesting places and will be able to unwind. The skater did not tell how many days she would spend on the peninsula.

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