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National transcended

What In the week that begins, the former candidate for the leadership of Morena, Alejandro Rojas Diaz Duran, will propose to his party that the polls to elect candidates for the local, federal and mayors Chamber of Deputies be conducted by UNAM.

Referring to John Ackerman’s criticism of the postulation of Félix Salgado Macedonio to the governor of Guerrero, he warned that a radical wing is the one that still heads the party’s organs and that this must be tackled with the transparent selection of candidates.

WHAT although the senator and future candidate of Morena to the government of Guerrero, Félix Salgado Macedonio, he assures that he already spoke since December 31 with the also applicant, Pablo Amílcar Sandoval, to perform the scar operation, the truth is that in the team of the former Federal delegate they say that Sandoval Ballesteros He is currently in a “process of reflection”, and it is expected that next Monday he will set his position on the decision of the national leadership of his party.

What During 2020, the Secretary of the Navy carried out 121 rescues at sea, serving more than 500 people. In addition, it carried out 77 medical assistance to people who were injured while sailing off Mexican coasts and supported 85 boats that suffered all kinds of damage or technical problems due to weather factors.

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