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Natalya Varley: “When I was approved for the“ Prisoner of the Caucasus ”, I cried. I didn’t want to act “

73-year-old Natalya Varley recalls that she more wanted to fly under the dome of the circus, overpowering the fear of heights, than to show off in front of the cameras. But curiosity led her to an acting career. And yet, at first, the future star of Soviet cinema was not easy.

“First the director Khilkevich saw me. He invited me to film. Then in Odessa at the film studio Leonid Gaidai’s assistant noticed me and knitted on a pencil. Then I returned home and received a telegram with an invitation to audition. But when I was approved in the “Caucasian Captive”, I sobbed. I didn’t want to act, ”Varley admits.

By the way, Natalya Vladimirovna still doubts the correctness of the decision. Still, she had to give up her dream profession – a circus artist – and plunge into a new field of activity. “I still think it was a lucky chance that I got into the movies, or not?” – reflected Varley in the show “Tonight” on Channel One.

Recall that the actress starred in the famous Gaidai film in the 60s. However, until recently, Varley did not reveal the details of the creative process. However, in her autobiography, The Tightrope Walker, she spoke about her relationship with the director.

It turned out that during the filming of “Prisoner of the Caucasus” an unpleasant story happened. After celebrating the birthday of Alexander Demyanenko, who played the role of Shurik in the film, Gaidai volunteered to accompany the artist to the hotel. The director stepped into the room after Natalya and tried to close the door behind him, but Natalya Vladimirovna asked her colleague not to do this. “I moved to close the door behind him. But Gaidai unexpectedly closed it from the inside, turned and tried to kiss me, ”she shared in the book.

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