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Nashville: These six cops prevented worse

The six heroes of Nashville – they prevented worse with their efforts

The police officers Amanda Topping, James Luellen, Brenna Hosey, Michael Sipos, James Wells and Timothy Miller (from left)

The police officers Amanda Topping, James Luellen, Brenna Hosey, Michael Sipos, James Wells and Timothy Miller (from left)

© Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

They probably prevented worse: Six police officers began evacuations in Nashville before the attack. In their homeland they are celebrated as heroes.

The Nashville police published their photos on Sunday: Six police officers were able to prevent worse things from the attack on Christmas Eve in the city in the US state of Tennessee. Thanks to their courageous efforts, human lives were saved. Now they are celebrated as heroes.

Before the detonation of the motorhome, a warning from the vehicle sounded for several minutes to evacuate the area. A ghostly voice repeated the announcement, which came through a loudspeaker, for several minutes. Instead of ignoring the warning, the six police officers Brenna Hosey, James Luellen, Michael Sipos, Amanda Topping, James Wells and Timothy Miller immediately took it seriously. The police evacuated the area – before the bomb exploded.

See in the video: Investigations after detonation in Nashville continue – FBI officials are looking for perpetrators.

“Instead of just taking it as a possible threat and calling in reinforcement first, they immediately began knocking on the front doors and coordinating the evacuation,” said Nashville’s police chief John Drake to reporters at a press conference on Saturday (local time) and praised his emergency services. The police even risked their lives. “I saw a video of an officer being knocked to the ground by the force of the detonation,” Drake explained. The police acted heroically and saved lives.

Drake said he thanked every single one of the police officers on the spot. “They didn’t want my thanks. They just wanted to do their duty and serve their city and its people.”

Police are investigating the facts

A mobile home exploded in the attack in downtown Nashville early Friday morning. Because of the deployment of the police, the area could be evacuated in time, only three people were slightly injured. The force of the explosion was enormous and dozens of houses were badly damaged.

The alleged assassin could have been killed in the attack. The police are examining human tissue from the motor home. The background to the crime is part of the investigation. Apparently the perpetrator is an IT specialist who was afraid of the radiation from 5G cell phone networks. The mobile home exploded right in front of the headquarters of the telecommunications company AT&T.


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