Nashville: Police identify possible suspects after explosion

The FBI has identified a 63-year-old who is considered a “person of interest” in connection with the explosion of a RV in Nashville. The man is not officially a suspect, but his home in Antioch, about ten miles from the crime scene, was searched on Saturday. This was confirmed by Nashville’s chief of police, John Drake. Several neighbors had seen a vehicle on the man’s property in the past weeks and months that looked similar to the one at the crime scene.

The newspaper “Tennessean” even spotted the white motorhome in pictures of the property in Google Street View. The owner is therefore a specialist in computers and alarm systems

A neighbor of the 63-year-old described the man as a “weird owl”. He had distributed several signs with the words “No entry” around his property, especially near the mobile home in the garden. If he was ever seen outside, then he occupied himself with an antenna on his house or cleaned his driveway with a high-pressure cleaner.

Telephone glitches in Tennessee are still ongoing

In the center of the city, a mobile home exploded early on Friday morning, from which requests for evacuation had come from loudspeaker announcements. Because of the warnings, the area could be evacuated in time, only three people were slightly injured. However, tissue was found at the site of the explosion, which, according to Drake, could possibly be human remains.

The force of the explosion was enormous and dozens of houses were badly damaged. As recently as Sunday, AT & T’s telephone networks were disrupted across the state of Tennessee, reported the Washington Post. Governor Bill Lee called on outgoing US President Donald Trump to declare a state of emergency in Tennessee in order to quickly free up federal funds.

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