Nashville: Alleged attacker apparently killed in explosion

In their investigation into the huge explosion of a motor home in the US city of Nashville, the US authorities have come to the conclusion that the alleged perpetrator was killed in the detonation. The investigators also named the suspect for the first time on Sunday. The man’s name was Anthony Warner and was there when the vehicle exploded, said federal prosecutor Don Cochran. The 63-year-old man was said to have been killed by the bomb explosion.

The perpetrator was identified on the basis of DNA samples, said the local FBI chief Douglas Korneski. Investigators had found human tissue near the exploded trailer, which could be compared with other DNA samples after a search of his home.

The investigators did not provide any information about the motive. Traces would continue to be followed. However, investigators said they had not had Warner in their sights before the crime. So far, there are no indications of possible accomplices.

The investigators had previously announced that they assumed a deliberate act. Police raided a house in southeast Nashville on Saturday.

The motorhome exploded early Friday morning in the city center in the state of Tennessee, which is internationally famous as the country stronghold of the USA. Prior to that, loudspeaker announcements from the vehicle had issued requests for evacuation.

Because of the warnings, the area could be evacuated in time, three people were slightly injured. The force of the explosion was enormous, dozens of houses were badly damaged.

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