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Name rights violated? – Trouble with the fire department because of these clothes

Dillingen (Saarland) – Aloha! Fans and friends of the fire department can buy a Hawaiian shirt with an emergency vehicle in a California Internet shop. But that by no means brings joy …

Nobody asked whether the picture of a Dillingen fire brigade car could be used. Nasty stealing pictures to earn money yourself. The author of the photo agrees. Fireman and hobby photographer Christopher Benkert (33): “I recently found out about it and think that’s outrageous!”

He’s also considered hiring a lawyer. “I did a little research, but the company headquarters are unclear. In the end I ended up somewhere in Vietnam, ”says Benkert. Therefore, he is currently refraining from an advertisement. Nevertheless, he is of the opinion: “This is theft and just plain bold!”

The affected Dillingen firefighters and the city are of the same opinion. A spokeswoman: “If this is to be understood as a ‘gag’, then it is more of a very bad joke.” In the background there is nothing other than that the fire truck with a visible coat of arms of a municipality is being commercially abused without the knowledge of the municipality concerned: “That is tasteless, which, by the way, also applies to the look of the shirts. “

Legal action checked

At least the city wants to examine legal steps. The shirts are currently available at a discount in the online shop. A copy should cost “only” 26.20 euros instead of 43.10 euros.

But it’s not just the Dillinger who are victims. The operators cheerfully stole photos from, among others, the Frankfurt and Hamburg fire brigades or the Hessian police.

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