“Naked Cowboy”: Street musician arrested in Florida – News abroad

He is the most famous street musician in the world – Robert Burck (50) aka “the naked cowboy”.

Equipped only with a hat, boots and underpants, Burck has been performing in New York’s Times Square for twelve years. Most recently, he made headlines when he mingled with Trump opponents there – and there, in the anti-Trump choirs, hymns of praise for the then incumbent US president were thrown in.

Now he has been arrested in Daytona Beach, Florida. Reason: “aggressive begging”.

Robert Burck after his arrest

Robert Burck after his arrestFoto: Volusia County Corrections/MEGA

A police officer noticed how Robert Burck posed for a photo with passers-by in front of a shop entrance last Saturday and was paid for it. When the officer wanted to record his personal details, Burck is said to have resisted.

There was a scuffle. The guitar broke, dollar bills fluttered from the instrument. Burck was taken to the Volusia District Prison and released two days later.

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