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Nail designs with daisies, the trend that makes your hands bloom

We are in a good time for nature and we want to reflect this in our hands. Daisy nail designs they are being one of the most demanded manicures in beauty salons.

The daisy is a flower related to purity, unconditional friendship and pure love. It symbolizes joy, simplicity, sophistication and natural sophistication.

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We show you some designs with daisies that are taking a lot so that you have a guide and choose the one that you like the most.

Daisy nail designs to make your hands bloom

Transparent base nail designs

One of the designs that will give elegance and delicacy to your hands is the one with a transparent base, a shine in which daisies stand out white in all its splendor.

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French type

A delicate way to wear daisies is to base yourself with a soft color like lilac and make the flowers on the edges of the nails as if you did the French, but with daisies.

With dark base

You can choose for your manicure an intense color base such as blue or black and paint your daisies on it. It is a super chic and elegant style.

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Color combination

As we know, white and greenish yellow are the colors that most define daisies and one of the most exquisite manicure designs is leave two nails translucent with daisies and the remaining ones painted a vibrant yellow.

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Nude base nail designs

Another delicate way to carry daisies in your hands is to go for a nude base. Neutral and soft colors are perfect to be in trend and never go out of style.

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