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Nahuel Guzmán celebrates that characters like Santiago Solari arrive in Mexico

Nahuel Guzmán highlighted the América coach, who arrived in Mexico after an adventure in Europe with Real Madrid

The Tigres goalkeeper, Nahuel Guzmán, praised the performance of coach Santiago Solari with America and celebrated the arrival of characters like him in Mexico.

Over time he has achieved a commitment with his team and an idea that can be highlighted and can be exhibited on the court, the playing field, that is forming the identity of the team that wants, I understand that it is a person formed.

“He has played and trained in one of the best teams in the world, today he has the possibility of bringing these experiences to Mexico, his way of seeing football, welcome this type of proposal, it is accompanied by a great coaching staff. The look I have and I see what is seen on the field, that he has achieved a commitment with his team, which goes beyond the result itself, “he said.

The goalkeeper declared the above for the match that they will have this weekend against the capital’s team within the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 Tournament, which he considered may be attractive due to the proposal that both teams could have.

Nahuel Guzmán added that currently in America he has highlighted collective work over individualities and although they know they have elements of danger, at this time the team game prevails in that group.

Today America managed to be a compact team, an organized team, with certain individualities, in the collective a great job at the time of pressureHe was looking at some things and has a collective pressure from back to front, the nine presses accompanied by the interiors and not the extremes like other teams and that shows the sacrifice they are making with their team, their scheme.

“We know that they handle stopped balls, Richard Sánchez has a medium-distance shot, they have powerful players, but America is strong collectively, at least it will be an entertaining game,” he added.

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