Mystery over the appearance of two bodies of women in less than a week on the side of the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway

The place where the body of one of the deceased women appeared
The place where the body of one of the deceased women appeared

On December 25, the a woman was found dead on the side of the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway. Six days later, at hours of the toast for the beginning of the new year, in the collector of that highway, about six kilometers away, another female corpse was found.

The difference in days and the locations of the remains of the deceased raised doubts about whether they had any link to each other. According to police sources, both bodies had no injuries to the naked eye, which raised the question for the investigators: were they murdered or did they die from other causes?

For now, the women have already been identified: according to the agency Telam, is about María Emilia Barrios, 40, and Analía del Rosario Barbosa Martínez, 26.

Barrios’ body was found in a field located about 100 meters from the intersection of Gálvez street with the highway collector. A couple passing through the area saw him and called 911 to give notice of what happened.

The place was attended by members of the 2nd police station. Tristán Suárez, who confirmed that he was white, robust, and had dark hair with faded ends. The woman was half-naked and wore a blue T-shirt, black leggings and blue sneakers from a well-known sports brand.

Barrios was identified by her 19-year-old daughter, who presented himself to the police and related that in the early hours of Christmas they were celebrating at his house in Villa Transradio, in Esteban Echeverría’s district, until her mother left alone without telling where she was going.

The young He said that he went to the police station after seeing in regional newspapers that a body had appeared that matched the clothing that Barrios was wearing at dawn of his disappearance. He also explained that they did not make the complaint immediately because on other occasions his mother had also left and had not returned for several days, spending that time in different settlements in the area.

The prosecutor in the case, Maria Lorena Gonzalez, Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 3 of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora, ordered the autopsy but so far cause of death could not be determined and further analysis results were awaited.

The causes of death of both women are still unknown (Télam)
The causes of death of both women are still unknown (Télam)

A week later, about six kilometers from the previous find, Barbosa Martínez’s body appeared at kilometer 33 of the highway, in the jurisdiction of the Uno de Ezeiza neighborhood.

The Ezeiza prison is located in that area. It was a neighbor who alerted the Penitentiary Service staff to the presence of the body of a half-naked woman in a field where garbage is dumped. Thus, agents from the 4th police station. They were summoned to the site and found, in a field located about 20 meters from the collector, that Barbosa Martínez was dead.

As it was learned, Barbosa Martínez was of Paraguayan nationality and lived in the town of Tristán Suárez. At the moment, the causes of death could not be determined either. The woman’s body had no visible injuries.

The case is also investigated by Prosecutor González, whose unit specializes in Sexual Crimes, related to Trafficking in Persons and Gender and Family Violence. The property where the discovery occurred is located between the airport perimeter fence and the highway.

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