Myanmar: Military apparently shoots protesters with live ammunition

After protests against the coup in Myanmar, the military carried out numerous raids on the largest city in the country. Gunfire was reported in several areas of the former capital, Yangon. Security forces moved in front of hospitals and universities, among other places, and patrolled residential areas.

Unverified but consistent videos on social networks show emergency services, popping noises and muzzle flashes around the Yangon General Hospital. As a resident of the North Okkalapa district told the German Press Agency, the military shot people with live ammunition. Accordingly, there are seriously wounded.

In another district of Yangon, security forces arrested more than a hundred demonstrators, media reported. Accordingly, the military deployed their troops across the country in more than ten hospitals and several universities. The demonstrators are said to have a particularly large number of supporters there. Previously, hundreds of thousands of supporters of the disempowered Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi took to the streets across the country on Sunday.

On Sunday night, the police and the military carried out several raids on supporters of Suu Kyi’s party. As representatives of the National League for Democracy (NLD) told the AFP news agency, a party member had been beaten to death.

On February 1, the military put a coup against the de facto Prime Minister Suu Kyi. The 75-year-old had won the parliamentary elections in November by a clear margin, but the military accused her of election fraud. Since the coup, there have been repeated mass protests in Myanmar, and the military is trying to break the resistance with increasing severity.

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