‘My mom didn’t die of monoxide’

Hérika Martínez Prado
The Juarez Journal

Saturday, December 26, 2020 | 10:21

Between the pain of his death and the uncertainty of not knowing how it happened, relatives will today say goodbye to Ángela Chávez Armendáriz, 80 years old, who last Sunday was found dead inside her home at the Infonavit San Lorenzo.

Although, according to the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Gender Reasons, “Angelita” – as her neighbors called her – died of carbon monoxide inhalation, the disorder and blood she found in the house, as well as the having found her half-naked, full of doubts about her daughter Diana Aguirre, who asked the authorities not to give her a ‘folder’ to the death of her mother.

“I don’t want things to stay like that, what they did to my mother was very cruel, how they left her was very cruel and that is why I am willing for someone to go and see how the whole scene is so that the Prosecutor’s Office moves and does the necessary investigations, ”said yesterday who on Sunday, December 20, at approximately 4 in the afternoon, found his mother lying in the living room, with the patio door open.

After having released an official statement with the cause of death, the Prosecutor’s Office explained to El Diario the same thing that they informed the family, that it was an accidental death, something of which their daughter is still not convinced .

The theory of the authorities is that “she gets dizzy in the walker and falls on the coffee table, there were some glass vases, they break, she cuts herself and she crawls to ask for help, but she is weak; He had toilet paper with which he wiped the blood, on his hand ”.

“The gas was on when the relatives found her. It was only disorderly where she falls, everything else in order “,” she had cuts on her arms where she was cut when she fell, “and when the Prosecutor’s Office arrived the scene was already contaminated, he added.

However, the daughter decided to open the doors of her mother’s house yesterday to reconstruct what happened.

Upon arriving Sunday afternoon at the house located on Laguna de Term Street, Diana, her husband and their children found the padlock on the gate, the spring open and the wooden door closed, but without the lock.

Upon entering, Diana found her mother lying on the floor, with bruises, cuts and blood.

Her husband was behind her and seeing her mother-in-law and the disorder in the room, he quickly climbed the stairs next to the entrance to make sure that no one was on the second floor. Then he went downstairs and left the house to keep his children outside and prevent them from seeing their grandmother like that.

Although they asked him to speak to an ambulance, seeing the color of her skin immediately knew that she was already dead, he narrated yesterday.

“It did not smell of gas” and Diana did not inspect the house anymore, she stayed seated next to her mother’s head, whom she covered with the pink robe that she used to be at home, but that this time she was not wearing.

“It is very traumatic, my mother was half naked, she had her panties on and a bra at the waist, buttoned, but she did not have the suspenders on. The robe was thrown behind me on the left side. It is very traumatic, ”he said in order to explain the inconsistencies that exist around his mother’s death.

Diana and her husband denied that they, the municipal policemen or the neighbors had moved the scene, since they were the first to enter the house, where the blood still remains all over the floor, the vases on the coffee table were broken , so apparently Angelita cut herself with them in various parts of her body.

Next to the phone her mother had a small altar with a bible, which was left on the floor –according to the authorities– when she tried to reach the phone. However, the largest armchair had been traversed, and the cushions were on the floor, while in the smallest armchair everything was mixed up.

Two Angelita glasses are still lying on the floor, some in their case and others under a cushion, along with receipts and blood-stained woven napkins.

Two heaters are lying, one full of blood next to the table where he had his altar and where his body was found. And another next to the couch.

After calling 911, two units from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat arrived. A couple of officers entered the house, the policewoman stood next to Diana and her mother and the man walked to the kitchen, and told them that a knob on the stove was open.

According to the family, when she was very cold Angelita would turn on the stove. However, the patio door was open, about ten feet from the stove, making it difficult for them to believe that he was intoxicated.

“The door plates weren’t forced, maybe it was someone I knew, to whom my mother gave the pass,” Diana wonders.

“There is broken furniture, the cushions of the chairs on the floor, glass everywhere, everything full of blood, it is not so that it would have been by a simple monoxide. They say that he cut himself on the glass, it looks like there was a fight, it seems as if he had been running away from someone, “said her daughter yesterday, who chose not to clean her mother’s house yet, hoping that the authorities investigate his death.

“My mother fell into the living room, something near the door, but there are signs from the kitchen where they started, where there was an argument,” he said, since he said that he used to have the dining room attached to a kitchen cabinet and when they went to visiting her asked her grandchildren to tour it.

Yesterday, Angelita’s son-in-law showed that the dining room was moved and there was a cushion from one of the chairs on the table, among other things.

“Or they want to omit something from me or simply to close the folder, they say: it is a woman of 80 years, nothing more,” said her daughter.

He also said that because Angelita fell three years ago, she used a wheeled walker to go outside, a cane to go out to the patio and a second walker to walk inside her house, which was halfway through the kitchen that day.

Since yesterday Angelita’s funeral has been held, whose present body mass will be held today at 12 in the afternoon in the church of San Judas Tadeo, where she belonged to a worship group, and then she will be buried since Because Diana told the funeral homes that it was a homicide, they told her that they could not incinerate her until the prosecution concluded the investigations.

The questions

1. The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Gender Reasons (FEM) reports that ‘Angelita’ died from inhalation of carbon monoxide

• When the family arrived home, it did not smell of gas

• Although it was common for the woman to light the stove when she was cold, a door that was a few meters away was left open

2. The theory of the authorities is that ‘she gets dizzy and falls on the coffee table, there were some glass vases, they break, she cuts herself and she crawls to ask for help, but she is weak

• She used a walker

• The body was found near the door, but there are signs of an argument from the kitchen

• Heavy furniture is moved

• Detect cushions on the floor

• In a small armchair everything was mixed up

• There is broken furniture

• There are glasses everywhere

• Everything is full of blood, they even find stains next to receipts and woven napkins

• On the floor they find two Angelita glasses lying, some in their case and others under a cushion

3. Authorities report contamination of the scene

– Diana and her husband denied that they, the municipal police or the neighbors had moved anything when they found the body

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