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"My love, put your legs together": Ernesto Belloni’s joke about prescription contraceptives

Outrage provoked in social networks the complaint about the requirement of a prescription in the sale of contraceptives in some pharmacies.

The event escalated to such an extent that even the Minister for Women spoke about it, assuring that they are “carrying out steps for the ISP to reverse the provision as soon as possible to require a prescription for the purchase of contraceptives ”.

Despite the pronouncements, the Public Health Institute (ISP) clarified through a statement that “no regulations have been issued other than those that already exist in the Sanitary Code, nor has it established new limitations or restrictions on the sale of any medicine in this pandemic ”.

Oral contraceptives can be prescribed by doctors and midwives, and since pharmacies are a health center, patients who have problems with their prescriptions whether physical, digital or electronic, or they do not have it, they can go to the pharmacy chemist of the establishment for guidance and evaluate case by case, as is usually done ”, detailed the public authority.

Ernesto Belloni joked about the sale of prescription contraceptives

Although the fact generated a great controversy, even becoming trending topic On Twitter, Ernesto Belloni took advantage of the instance to refer to the subject through humor.

The comedian shared a video on his Instagram account, simulating a visit to the doctor. “Good afternoon doctor. I want a prescription to buy birth control pills for my lady. The consultation… How much is it worth? 25 thousand. Okay. Yeah, thank you very much, ”he said.

“That is, 25 thousand for the consultation, 7 thousand for the pills, 5 thousand for the delivery. 37 thousand pesos … My love, put your legs together no more. I’m going to stay with a home remedy… ”, he added.

While some laughed at his “classic” humor, others criticized his old-fashioned tone. “I read pure men who celebrate size, who like to ignore women“Those times are over,” said a woman.

‘BUT IF I CHANGEEEEE, I ALREADY CHANGEEEEEE’. Gaviota para el hueón fome (sic) ”, another person pointed out, alluding to the apologies he requested after his routine at the Viña 2020 Festival, due to the sexist humor he has performed during his career.

“Before you made me laugh now you are disastrous reinvene. How did I say not to spread your legs, tie your p …“Commented another user of the platform.

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