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“My family understands that I am very fanatical”: nurse from Operation Chapultepec

Saúl was given a warning by his girlfriend before boarding the flight to Mexico City Saturday morning, December 26: “Woe to you that it takes you more than a month to return!”

The young nurse, 24 years old and from Hermosillo, indicated that his admission to Operation Chapultepec, to support the care of Covid-19 cases, was voluntary. He added that he is excited to be part of this strategy organized by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), and being the youngest member of the group, his greatest motivation is that everything he is going to learn he will put into practice in the medical unit in which he collaborates in Ciudad Obregón.

“I offered myself as a volunteer, I wanted to go because I want to help and here there is much more work than in the unit where I work, I know it is a great opportunity to learn and I want to take advantage of it throughout the month that we will be here,” said Saúl .

Being single, Saúl made it easy to make all the arrangements to move to Mexico City. As soon as they told him that he would be forming for the Operation, he notified his girlfriend, his parents and looked for a caregiver for his pet.

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“My family understands that I am a man of ideas and I am very fanatical. If I had come without notifying or noticing they would have noticed, because I am already independent from them, I focus a lot on my work, and I just come to that, to work hard alongside my colleagues ”, said the nurse.

Saúl said he knew the seriousness of the situation that prevails in Mexico City and although he has not been hit by losses due to the Covid-19Yes, he has seen it in the homes of some of his colleagues from the medical unit to which he belongs.

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“Before I came to Mexico City, I gave the anticipated New Year’s hugs and went to see my girlfriend, she gave me a letter, here I bring it, that’s my motivation, she said ‘oh you, take longer a month to come back, ‘”he said with a laugh.

He commented that being young and having little experience is not what matters to belong to the Operation that the IMSS orchestrated, because he knows that this pandemic was not expected by anyone, the damage that the virus would cause to public health and the economy was not known and that nobody counted that the periods of confinement would be so long.

He said that what he knows is that the sum of efforts is valuable, because he wants to work side by side with his colleagues with more experience. He noted that his contribution is in his strength, in his youth and in the “love of the shirt.”

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“It all adds up, we are all important, young, old, women, men and children, we can all help to control this pandemic,” said Saúl.


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