My Beginning Scholarship: how much will the students receive in advance of payment of school supplies

This is an advance for uniforms and school supplies.  (Photo: @Fidegar)
This is an advance for uniforms and school supplies. (Photo: @Fidegar)

Students who are part of My Scholarship to Start They will receive new support as of January 2, 2021, as part of the advance payment of school supplies and uniforms, this was announced by the Guaranteed Education Trust (Fidegar).

The advance payment is part of one of the four aid packages that the City government will provide next year, As a result of the coronavirus pandemic that currently keeps Mexico City on a red light, that is, on maximum contagion alert.

Through social networks he declared: “during the month of January the advancement of the uniform support program will be carried out and school supplies. Education is the heart of our project ”.

In this sense, the amount of emergent support for uniforms and supplies will be as follows:

*360 pesos for preschool

*410 pesos for primary

*450 pesos for high school kids

*450 pesos for students of the Multiple Attention Center (CAM)

Support will be distributed to each child.  (Photo: @Fidegar)
Support will be distributed to each child. (Photo: @Fidegar)

Further, to that money will be added the 50 pesos of the adjustment established by the CDMX government to this scholarship also from the first month of the year 2021. The increase was announced during the presentation of the Economic Package 2021, which is governed by Republican austerity and combats corruption.

In that case, for both supports, each student will receive in January the total figure of:

*710 for preschool kids, since the amount of the scholarship of 350 pesos + 360 pesos of the advance will be offered.

*790 for primary school students, for the 380 pesos of the scholarship amount + 410 of the advance of school supplies.

*830 pesos for secondary, since the scholarship figure is 380 + 450 of the extra.

*900 to students from the Multiple Service Center, with a monthly help of 450 + 450 from the advance of supplies and uniforms.

The benefit is aimed at one million 250,000 students who are part of the My Grant to Begin program, and a total of 600,000 families.

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The minors are creditors to the resources based on the degree of studies of each one of them and with the aim of avoiding school dropout.

From January they will charge more.  (Photo: Reuters)
From January they will charge more. (Photo: Reuters)

The announcement of the four emerging supporters was made known last Tuesday, December 22, during an evening press conference.

Luz Elena González, Secretary of Administration and Finance, affirmed that they will allocate up to 500 million pesos, to pay for the various support, among which the 10,000 peso credit stands out.

The four aid packages are aimed at small businessmen, basic level students and businesses in the Historic Center.

Scholarship students have benefited from various supports offered by the CDMX government for a few days, as was the case with the dispersion of food supplies that were available to families until December 24.

It was the delivery of a food box with 15 products, for all students who are enrolled in the program.


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