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SöldenOne place is in shock. In Längenfelden, Austria (Tyrol), two small children (9 months, 2 years) were found dead in their children’s rooms on Monday. Her father (28) is suspected of having killed the sisters. Then he is said to have tried to kill himself.

When the rescuers reached the snow-covered house, it was too late for the sisters. According to reports in the Austrian newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”, the aunt found her niece lifeless and called the police. Several patrols and ambulances sped off – in vain. The girls could not be resuscitated.

Investigators in protective suits looked for clues and clues on site

Investigators in protective suits looked for clues and clues on sitePhoto: dpa

Children were suffocated and strangled

The autopsy revealed today that the sisters were suffocated and strangled. Her mother was not home during the tragedy. The 28-year-old father is under urgent suspicion. His attempt at suicide failed, he was taken to hospital seriously injured and his life is no longer in danger. The mother and relatives were cared for by pastors.

The motive is unclear. “Nobody can explain it,” said Katja Tersch, the head of the State Criminal Police Office in Tyrol. Surveys in the family’s circle of friends also gave no clues. The alleged murderer was not officially known. Details of the course of events are still open.

A woman in Vienna is said to have suffocated her three children only in mid-October.

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