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Mouctar Diakhaby and Juan Cala give conflicting versions of the alleged racist insult to the French

VALENCIA – Valencia center-back Mouctar Diakhaby gave his version of what happened last Sunday in the Cádiz field on Tuesday and reiterated that, as he transferred to the referee, a local player gave him a racist insult and revealed that his teammates The latter tried to get them to return to the field of play, offering the possibility that Juan Cala apologized.

“In Cádiz on Sunday there is a play in which a player insults me and his words are ‘Black shit.’ That is intolerable, I cannot consent to that. You all saw my reaction. That cannot happen in normal life and neither in football, which is a sport of respect, “explained the French player in a video posted on his social networks.

“Me and my teammates decided to go to the locker room. It was a good decision. Then one of their players asked a player of ours if we would return to the field if Cala excused himself. We said no, that things are not like that, that you can’t do something and excuse yourself and go through like this, “he said.

Diakhaby said that he was fine now, but also that the insult hurt “a lot.”

“It is life and there are things like that in life. I hope that the League is going to do things and solutions to have tests and that it be seen and clarified and that’s it, ”said the center-back, who thanked his team for the response.

“I want to thank Valencia, my teammates and coaches for the solidarity, affection and support that all the fans have already given me,” he concluded.


Hours after the video with Diakhaby’s version, the Cádiz player Juan Cala stated that “never, never” he said “shit black” to the French defender of Valencia.

Visibly angered by what he considers “a media circus” and a “lynching” towards him, the Lebrijano defender exhaustively denied some facts that he considers have not occurred, that “in an empty stadium and without an audience nobody hears anything” and for those who, as he pointed out, both he and the club will take legal action.

Juan Cala, 31, explained that the origin of these events lie in a game with Diakhaby and that, as a result of a crash, the French central “rebukes” him and, after an exchange of words between the two, is when the reaction of the Valencian defender is triggered and the subsequent temporary withdrawal of the che team from the Carranza lawn.

“He rebukes me, I go back with fuss and tell him to leave me alone and move on. At that very moment he ignores the play, comes to me and tells me that I said shit black, I try to reassure him in Twice, I tell him that I haven’t said that, he pushes me, I repeat it and he pushes me again, “Cala recalled meticulously.

The central continued his account of the events and pointed out that his partner Fali came to separate and that it is at that moment when the tangana is formed, of which he said he stayed out because he thought it “came to provoke” his second card and that, when Diakhaby sees that he takes it out of him, “he rages and the images come so unfortunate that everyone knows” with “Gabriel Paulista saying what they have told him.”

Cala declared that he had “no problem” in speaking “alone” with Diakhaby and clarifying everything, which he considered should have been done in the same stadium, and pointed out that the Frenchman either “made it up” or “made it up”. misheard “, which is why he advocated that the facts be thoroughly investigated and” the truth “be proven.

For this reason, he insisted on the seriousness of the media lynching he is suffering, the threats that he and his family have received through social networks and the need to put a stop to “this” circus “in which it has occurred. a violation of his presumption of innocence.

Regarding the criticism received from some politicians, he affirmed that “those who rule in this country should respect more the presumption of innocence” and that he “would like” that “some would dare” to call him to apologize for his early conviction.

Among other things, he said that he is willing to abandon football if it is proven that the Frenchman’s claim that teammates from Cádiz tried to get them to return to the pitch by offering the possibility for Juan Cala to apologize.

In return, the Lebrija center-back highlighted the support of “five or six hundred” colleagues from the dozen clubs in which he has played throughout his twelve-year career as a professional and four different leagues, in which, he pointed out, he has shared a dressing room with players of all nationalities and races who can attest that they are not racist under any circumstances.

“I have lived with Chinese, English, South Americans, Africans. I have been with Benjamin (Zarandona) and Kanouté in Guinea in humanitarian aid. I am being accused of something that I am not and there is the newspaper library. I do not have to prove it. of shock, “said Cala, who also leads a platform to support the Sahrawi people.

Cala has insisted that from the first moment he wanted to go out to give explanations in all the media that asked him, although he followed the mandate of his president, Manuel Vizcaíno, on the same Sunday night and Monday morning, if he did not appear and to calm down.

“There is no racism among players in Spanish football,” said Cala, who criticized the demagoguery in this matter and asked that a case like this not be normalized “neither in football or in society: in this country not everything can count. , set a beastly precedent, “the defender bitterly emphasized.

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