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Mother’s Day: 9 perfumes to surprise her on her day

The Mother’s Day And, like every year, there are many who are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate their day. Breakfasts, cards or a day of indulgence are part of the options, although there are also those who opt for classic alternatives, such as a garment or perfume.

For those looking for the perfect fragrance, Elite Perfumes put together a guide to help you find it. This includes proposals for sporty, romantic, classic and even vegan moms, which we show you below.

Athlete Mom

Lacoste Touch Of Pink

Energy and entertainment, with notes of orange, coriander, peach and cardamom. Pink symbolizes the joy of living, positive, happy and vital. Touch of Pink, makes us color the darkest days of life. You can find it with a 59% discount.

Executive mom

Calvin Klein Ck IN2U

There is a before and after after its premiere. Renowned for its notes of grapefruit, Sicilian bergamot; base notes of vanilla, Japanese red cedar and amber. It is perfect to start the day with energy.

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue femme

It stands out for its notes of Sicilian lemon, white rose, bamboo and jasmine. For fresh, balanced and optimistic personalities. You can buy it with a 54% discount.

Empowered mom

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

It is one of the iconic fragrances of the brand, fruity and floral, it is recognized for its notes of rose, camellia, tangerine and violet.

Kenzo Flower

Inspired by poppies, with the strong character of Bulgarian roses. It’s a spicy aroma with the spiciness of pink pepper and white musks. Perfect and stylish for empowered women. You can get it with a 41% discount.

Natural mom

Calvin Klein Everyone

It is an ecological, vegan fragrance. Its ingredients are organic orange mixed with blue tea and cedar wood. Originality, personality and freshness. That is the characteristic of the new Calvin Klein, with 79% ingredients of natural origin.

Davidoff Cool Water Women

Born from the bottom of the sea. With notes of pineapple, quince, black currant, lily, melon, lemon, lotus flower. Its bottle symbolizes a drop of water, full of freshness and harmony. You can find it with a 68% discount.

Classic and romantic mama

Calvin Klein Eternity

For classic and romantic moms This fragrance arrives with green notes, freesia, sage, citrus and mandarin; musk, sandalwood, amber and patchouli.

Hugo Boss Femme

With soft, fruity notes, sensitive aromas, the combination is of black currant, freesia and tangerine orange. Contains high level of romance, elegance and beauty. It has a 57% discount.

Details not to forget when applying a perfume

  • Prepare the skin: Before applying, hydrate the area, that will allow the essence to last longer.
  • Scent: high temperature areas, behind the ears or wrists.
  • You can use your brush: if you spray your brush with a fragrance that will surely last all day the scent on your skin.

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