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Mother and daughter desperate – “We don’t know what to do next”

Ahrweiler – Beate Valder (46) and daughter Jenny (16) are facing the shards of their lives. Her house on Schützenstrasse in Ahrweiler was completely destroyed by the masses of water.

“I don’t have any natural hazard insurance that covers flood damage. I will stay at all costs, ”the single mother told BILD. How should it go on? “I have no idea!”

Mother and daughter have now started cleaning up. They wrote a call for help on a door.

“We can’t do it alone.” The entire ground floor was washed away by the masses of water. From the window on the upper floor, Jenny and Beate watched the water rise to two meters.

“We were afraid for our lives. It was like being on the Titanic. We heard the water tipping over the cupboards on the first floor, glasses breaking into pieces. Worst of all was the smell. It all smelled of oil and gasoline. ”

A washed up car remained on the opposite side of the house. “It honked the whole night, it was maddening.”

To get help, mother and daughter have labeled a door with: “Seek helpers!”

How should it go on? Beate Valder has no idea. “I don’t know who to turn to, who will help me and what’s next. “

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