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Most flattering eye makeup colors for fair-skinned women this spring

Spring came and we renewed from head to toe, including of course makeup and eyeshadows, that always have a special role in shaping our looks.

However, this is not something that fashionistas do randomly because with the change of season, the experts advise what are the trends in techniques and colors that arrive to impose themselves, something that we must know to always be successful.

Eye makeup shades for fair skin

The choice of shades is not something that specialists consider something minor because it has a lot of weight when it comes to having a successful makeup. For this, not only light skin is taken into account but also the color of the eyes and thus hit the nail on the head.

Makeup for light eyes

According Hello, if this is your case you should lean this spring for neutral and clear shadows to give depth. Some of the ones that will highlight your attributes are brown, green, blue, pink or gray, but all in their pastel and light versions.

The bet for dark eyes

On the other hand, women who have a deep and dark look that seduces anyone they should prefer ones that match the brown of their eyes such as brown, gold or black.

Likewise, you can also apply other makeup tips to vary the look day by day and not stay the same: use a light eyeshadow but color the lips, with red for example, or make the look more loaded and lean on the lips for nude or pink.

Anyway, specialists say that you can also try the shadows you want without any shame because there is no better beauty than self-confidence.

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