Moscow: forced landing due to engine damage on Boeing 777 – News

Problems with a Boeing again!

A cargo plane had to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday morning due to engine problems. The Boeing 777 from Rossiya Airlines was on its way from Hong Kong to Madrid, reports the news portal „Bloomberg“.

According to this, the crew of the aircraft requested the emergency landing after one of the control channels of the left engine failed. No injuries were reported.

Just a week ago in the USA, large debris from a Boeing 777 fell from the sky due to a fire in the engine. The machine had 241 people on board, but could land safely at Denver Airport.

On the same day, the turbine of a Boeing 747 caught fire in Holland. Here too, aircraft parts fell from the sky. An elderly woman was hit in the head by a metal part and was taken to the hospital. A child was burned while trying to pick up debris from the floor.

Boeing has to pay $ 6.6 million for non-compliance

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is not getting out of the negative headlines.

New York–The FAA on Thursday fined a total of $ 6.6 million (€ 5.4 million) for failing to comply with a number of requirements – some of which date back to 2015.

FAA chief Steve Dickson said he had “repeatedly” admonished the Boeing leadership to put safety and compliance first.

The FAA also accuses the company of having put pressure on employees at the plant in the state of South Carolina, who checked a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” there in February 2020 on behalf of the FAA. Defects in machines of the type were discovered in the summer of 2020, and Boeing had to postpone deliveries. The company has to pay $ 1.2 million for this.

The FAA stressed on Thursday that “safety is the top priority in all decisions” for them. The supervisory authority was heavily criticized after the two crashes of Boeing 737 MAX planes for lack of controls.

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