Moscow: Boeing 777 made an emergency landing in Russia’s capital

After the left engine of a Boeing 777 failed, the machine had to make an emergency landing in the Russian capital Moscow. The Interfax agency reported that the jet engine had failed on the flight from Hong Kong to Madrid, citing unspecified sources.

The passenger plane, which was used to transport cargo, is said to be safely placed on Moscow’s largest airport, Sheremetyevo. “Nobody was injured,” said Interfax.

Just over a week ago, after an engine failure, large aircraft parts of a United Airlines Boeing 777 crashed into residential areas near Denver. A video shot by a passenger shows flames emanating from the right engine during flight. At this point the panel had already plunged into the depths.

The Boeing 777-220 with 241 people on board was en route from Denver in the state of Colorado to Hawaii. Shortly after take-off, the pilot noticed that the right engine had failed. A large piece of debris fell in the front yard of a house in Broomfield, other parts of the aircraft landed on a sports field.

In a similar incident in the Netherlands last weekend, police said two people were injured. Shortly after a Boeing 747-400F freighter took off, a fire broke out in one of the machine’s four engines.

Boeing then called on its customers to leave 128 machines of the type with a Pratt & Whitney engine on the ground for the time being. The FAA ordered an investigation.

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