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Moreno can order another state of exception

President Lenin Moreno has the constitutional power to decree Exception statussaid this Wednesday the Constitutional Court of Ecuador. The entity communicated that said attribution has not been restricted or restricted.

  • Lenín Moreno’s reaction to the increase in cases

The Court indicated that among its competences it is not to define the circumstances for the execution of a Exception status, nor authorize or disallow the measures that it has.

“The attribution of the Constitutional Court focuses on controlling the constitutionality of the decrees of states of exception and the measures adopted on the occasion of them”, reviewed the statement.

Namely, Lenin Moreno it could dictate the suspension of the right of freedom of movement and a curfew when required. These possible measures must be within a framework of a focused and duly justified state of exception.

“This magistracy is not the competent body to issue exceptional measures in the face of national emergency situations caused, in this case, by the global pandemic and its new variants. Nor does it correspond to define in what circumstances it is convenient to make use of said power “, it reads in the letter.

Previous order

The Constitutional court prevented a new state of exception from being applied in the country to restrict mobility during the weeks of festivities in December 2020. A time that worried the Ecuadorian authorities due to the increase in cases of covid-19.

Due to the rebound in coronavirus cases in the country, the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) extended a set of measures that focus, mostly, on vehicular traffic. In addition, cantonal COEs have the power to issue rules as required.

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