Morena will have to remove spot tumor on alliance of the PRI, PAN and PRD

Mexico City /

The commission of Complaints and Reports of the OTHER endorsed precautionary measures against the spot of Brunette in which he broadcasts a video against the opposition alliance PAN-PRI-PRD and requested that it no longer be broadcast on radio and television, as well as social networks, during the pre-campaign period ending on January 31st.

Unanimously, the three members of the committee of Complaints and Reports, they gave six hours to Brunette for remove the spot of their networks, as well as of the radio and television pattern and highlighted that the video in which they appear politicians of the three parties, including former presidents and points to the opposition alliance as a “tumor for Mexico“, Corresponds to electoral propaganda and its transmission” is illegal during the pre-campaign period. “

The counselor Ciro Murayama explained that the spot was scheduled to be broadcast from the ordinary period, that is why it was allowed to appear as part of the program on radio and television, but Brunette did not withdraw it as of December 23 when the pre-campaigns started, and, due to its electoral content, it cannot be broadcast until the bells elections as of April 3.

“The electoral processes have stages and we are all obliged to fulfill those stages,” he warned in the session on Wednesday.

In turn, the counselor Claudia zavala He explained that the content of the spot is evidently proselytizing and therefore must be downloaded from both the radio and television guidelines and from social networks, because during the pre-campaign stage it is prohibited and is considered an anticipated campaign act.

In the same sense, the counselor Adriana Favela, who pointed out that the president of Morena, Mario Delgado you should not use the ad or your social media accounts to proselytize during the pre-campaign period, where the messages should not be directed to the electorate and not to talk about the opponents.

At night, the commission of INE Complaints and Reports, will analyze an appeal presented by Mr. y PRD against the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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