Morena postpones registration of candidates for federal deputies

Mexico /

Brunette postponed the registration of applicants for majority deputation and proportional representation until January 5, the date on which the term will begin and not from tomorrow as planned in the call presented on December 23.

The National Elections Commission endorsed the modification of the dates, which would start from this MondayHowever, it postponed the start of the registry for a week due to the evolution of the health emergency due to covid-19, as well as so that applicants have “a longer period for planning their arrival in Mexico City (headquarters of the registries) and gather the documents that allow them to register properly ”.

Through an official letter signed by Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández, it was reported that the adjustment of the dates “will allow the proper development of the internal process stages in a spaced and orderly manner, respecting the legal deadlines for their relief, in order to comply with the applicable regulations and protect the political rights of the militancy as well as the health of the participants themselves, collaborators and, in general, people involved in the process”.

With this modification, applicants with a relative majority must register between January 5 and 9, while those with proportional representation They must do it from January 12 to 16 at Deportivo Reynosa, located in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office.

On December 23, Morena published the call for the registration of its applicants. Those deputies seeking re-election may do so, as long as in their districts are the best positioned, which will be measured by surveys. In the case of the multi-member list, Morena will repeat the raffle method to select them.


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