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More than 570,000 liters – oil spill on US dream beach is getting worse

It’s horror for the animals and their habitat!

After hundreds of thousands of liters of crude oil leak from a pipeline, the US state of California is fighting a devastating oil spill. While fish and birds stuck with oil were washed up on the beaches south of the metropolis of Los Angeles, the emergency services continued to try to contain the oil spill on Monday. Huntington Beach City Council spoke of an “environmental disaster”.

Mayor Kim Carr warned that beaches could be closed for weeks or even months. “Parts of our coast are completely covered with oil.”

The coast was closed to visitors for a length of more than 15 kilometers and fishing was forbidden. Local residents were called on not to touch or rescue animals smeared with oil, but to notify the authorities. Specialists were already patrolling the beaches to find animals smeared with oil.

The oil has been spreading since Saturday morning, according to the Coast Guard. More than 570,000 liters of crude oil leaked from the pipeline, which is connected to an oil rig. So far, according to the coast guard, only around three percent of the more than ten kilometers long oil spill has been captured.

According to the Huntington Beach City Council, Beta Offshore, a subsidiary of the Texas-based oil company Amplify Energy, is responsible for the oil leak. “We will work to ensure that Amplify Energy Corporation is doing everything it can to correct this environmental disaster,” said the city council.

Amplify Energy said Monday that as a precautionary measure, all production and pipeline activities in the area have been temporarily halted. The company sent a diving robot to find the leak. According to media reports, the oil came to the surface of the sea near a production platform built in 1980 called Elly. It is one of 23 oil and gas rigs in federal waters off the coast of California.

The oil spill caused renewed criticism of offshore oil production in the west coast state. The incident was “as tragic as it can be avoided,” said Democratic MP Alan Lowenthal. “This environmental catastrophe makes clear the simple fact that where there is drilling (oil) leaks.” The oil spill is not only devastating for marine animals and the ecosystem, but also for the communities that live from fishing, tourism and recreation.

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