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“Money Heist” the remake of La Casa de Papel that seeks to conquer Netflix

La Casa de Papel became one of the most watched series worldwide thanks to its impeccable plot, which is why it will now have its Korean version.

While recording its fifth season which could be released this April, some South Korean producers are fine-tuning the recordings of the new version to adapt it to their language.

As announced by Netflix, this remake will be directed by Kim Hong-sun and will be made in collaboration with the firms BH Entertainment and Contents Zium.

“I find it fascinating that the world of La Casa de Papel is attractive to Korean creators to make an adaptation. They have been developing, in their language, their own audiovisual culture for years, applauded Pina in an interview with the EFE news agency.

For the Spanish, the Koreans “crossed cultural borders and became a point of reference for thousands of spectators around the world.”

The version of La Casa de Papel and its Asian cast

Money Heist will have 12 episodes in its first season and will describe the story of a genius strategist who together with a team of robbers carry out a hostage robbery.

The scenes will be filmed on the Korean peninsula.

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The main role of the “teacher” was awarded by actor Yoo Ji Tae, who is also a model and businessman.

Actress and model Jang Yoon Ju will be the one who brings Nairobi to life.

Actor Kim Ji Hoon known for his performance in ‘Flower of Evil’ will be ‘Denver’.

While renowned actresses Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Yoon Jin will take over the role of ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Lisbon’.

Actor Park Hae Soo enters the cast as ‘Berlin’ to replace actor Park Hae Joon who retired due to not being able to coordinate his schedule with filming that was delayed by COVID-19.

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