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Money back at last! – BILD is saving these readers’ holidays

Finally summer vacation! But many readers are still waiting for the money from their last trip, which was canceled due to Corona. “BILD fights for you” has good news: We’ll get everything out for you too! At the end you can read what you have to do so that BILD also saves your vacation.

650 euro voucher for the Wiemers family

Thorsten (47) and Nicole Wiemers (49) from Lünen (North Rhine-Westphalia) did not want to go on vacation at the Robinson Club with their sons Connor (12, left) and Tyler (15) in 2020. Reason: a very limited offer. TUI even sent a reminder for the cancellation fee. BILD won a travel voucher worth 650 euros. The Wiemers: “Sensational, thank you very much.”

Pensioners get 1270 euros back

Emanuele Nasole (74) and his wife Angelika (73) from Hanover are happy again. BILD quickly got the couple back the complete down payment of 1270 euros from TUI. The pensioners had to wait a year for the reimbursement of the canceled trip to Sicily. Nasole: “Thank you, BILD!”

“Mistakes happen in large companies,” says Nasole in a conciliatory way. “When the pandemic is over, we will book TUI again. But then BILD always has an eye on it! “

Rome We’re coming!

Christian Elze (43) from Puchheim (Bavaria) had 2020 for himself and his son Finn (14) got hold of tickets for the European Championship opening game Italy against Turkey in Rome via “Seat 24”. Because of Corona everything was canceled, Elze received a voucher from the Finnish company, valid until September 2021. When he wanted to redeem it in June, it suddenly said: Voucher expired! At the same time, customer service is unavailable and emails are not processed.

BILD wrote to the company – with success: Elze and son are now flying to Rome on August 12 for a long weekend to see the city. “My son loves everything that has to do with the Romans,” says Elze. “He is very happy. Thank you, BILD! “

A lot of money for a young family

Holger Bamberger (37) from Weimar / Lahn (Hessen) booked flights from Frankfurt to Palma de Mallorca and back for himself and his family (two children) via Opodo. Technically, it was only possible to book outward and return flights separately. The outward flight was canceled due to Corona, the return flight was not. Bamberger has to cancel it. Total costs: 804.21 euros – a lot of money for the young family!

BILD spoke to Lufthansa and Opodo, both companies promise to repay the amounts. Holger Bamberger: “Thank you, BILD! I received two emails from Opodo. Here I am announced payments of 411.21 euros and 393 euros! We are totally happy! “

BILD fights for 611 euros from Opodo

A year fought Johannes Vees (36) from Weingarten (Baden-Württemberg) unsuccessfully requested the reimbursement of 611 euros for the canceled flights to Sardinia. The Opodo portal kept putting the teacher off – until BILD put pressure on them. The payment came promptly.

The teacher happily: “More than two dozen emails and phone calls (with mostly Asian employees in call centers, almost half of which were always suddenly interrupted) did nothing. You from BILD are the best! “

Lufthansa is finally paying off

Waltraud Eckert (72) from Bad Wörishofen in Bavaria is beaming! BILD brought the pensioner back 397.60 euros. Lufthansa canceled its flights to Portugal, but did not reimburse it even after eleven months. BILD made steam.

Only two days later the answer from Lufthansa: “We checked the case again, and in fact no reimbursement was made here, although this was instructed by the service team. We have now carried out the reimbursement. ”

Waltraud Eckert: “Thank you very much! The money is here.”

Where do you have problems? We fight for you too! Write to [email protected] Send photos and videos!

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