Monday with six more deaths from Covid-19 in Yucatán

MÉRIDA.- The health authorities reported that on this day they joined 72 new infections, in addition to 6 unfortunate deaths in Yucatán by Covid-19.

  • 26,868 are positive. 234 of the cases are from another country or state.
  • 23,307 have already recovered, they do not present symptoms and cannot be contagious.
  • 480 patients are stable and they are isolated in their homes. And that medical staff constantly monitor them. They have mild symptoms.
  • 7,269 sentinel surveillance cases.
  • 149 are in public hospitals and in total isolation.
  • 60,027 suspected cases.
  • The age range is from one month to 99 years.

Yucatán registers 2,932 deaths from Covid-19.

New infections:

  • 63 in Merida
  • 1 in Halayó, Homún, Izamal, Kanasín, Tecoh, Tetiz, Umán, Valladolid and outsider.

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Data on deaths from Covid-19 in Yucatán

They were 3 men and 3 women, with an age range of 52 years to 77 years.

  1. Male 76 years Kopomá. No comorbidities
  2. 52 year old female Progress. DM / Obesity
  3. Male 56 years of Izamal. DM
  4. 77 year old female Merida DM / SAH / Cardiovascular disease
  5. 58 year old female Merida SAH / Obesity
  6. Male 65 years of Merida HAS/DM


In Mérida they have been diagnosed 16,211 people infected with Covid-19 (accumulated as of January 4), who live in:

  • 4,768 in the North zone
  • 4,450 in the East zone
  • 1,512 in the Downtown area
  • 2,136 in zona Sur
  • 3,345 in the Poniente area

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