Finally, a white streak has come in the life of a Russian woman who has experienced a terrible tragedy. She deserved her happiness like no one else and suffered.

The fate of Margarita Gracheva was followed not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Her story is both frightening and incredibly life-affirming at the same time. Three years ago, her husband-a fiend took her to the forest, mocked her for more than an hour in order to knock out a confession of treason, which he himself invented, and then cut off the hands of the unfortunate woman. He took her to the hospital only because her confession reduces the sentence.

As a result, the tyrant was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and Margarita had to learn to live without a hand: one of them could not be saved, and the second hand of Gracheva was replaced with a bionic prosthesis. At the same time, the brave girl did not give up and continued to build her life with even greater zeal: two pairs of eyes looked at her, who wanted to see her mother happy.

Her sons Dmitry and Danila are now eight and seven years old: the boys were sincerely happy when Margarita married the new chosen one Maxim. He not only made friends with the sons of his beloved, but also became for her a caring spouse, whom she, alas, did not have at the beginning. And now Gracheva will become not only an example of courage, but also a mother of many children!

“In the near future there will be one more of us. I hope you will be sincerely happy for us, raise a glass of brine and have a bite of pickles, ”Margarita wrote on Instagram.

Dmitry and Danil are already happy: in the photographs they gently nestle on their mother’s belly, probably wondering if they will have a brother or sister. Maxim is also happy, because for him this baby will become the first child. Margarita, or a transforming mother, as she calls herself, is rejoicing: we can say that her dream of finding a real loving family is coming true, and after the revived horror movie, a long-awaited fairy tale has come into her life.

For a social network, this, of course, is a rare case: under the post-recognition, not a single negative comment. Some subscribers did not even hide that they could not hold back their tears when they read the news. Yes, Gracheva is not a millionaire blogger, but people visit her page to get a dose of indomitable zeal for life, which can hardly be gleaned from motivational books, and thus loved by her audience.

By her example, she proves that happiness can and should be built, even if you have to climb the steep cliff of life with one hand.

We sincerely congratulate Margarita!

Фото:, @margoritka1211, @maxmusic1992/Instagram

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