CINCINNATI – Nick Castellanos euphorically celebrated a touchdown off pitcher Jake Woodford on Saturday, prompting the benches between the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals.

The confrontation spread to the outfield when several relievers were pushed back into the bullpen. Castellanos was the only player sent off in the skirmish.

Castellanos, who homered on Opening Day and jumped out of the box before throwing his bat, was hit by Woodford with two outs in the fourth inning. Castellanos recovered the ball and offered to return it to Woodford before throwing it off the field.

A wild pitch then sent Castellanos home, where he scored on a header for a 7-2 lead, colliding with Woodford, who was hit by catcher Yadier Molina at the plate.

When Castellanos started to walk away, Molina quickly approached and struck him from behind. The benches were emptied in a wild scene.

There was more jostling before order seemed to be reestablishing. But as both teams’ relief pitchers returned to their bullpens, they became entangled in the outfield.

In 2010, the Cardinals and Reds got into a major fight in Cincinnati. Molina and Brandon Phillips began arguing at the plate, and eventually Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto got trapped against the fence and tried to kick out.